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Why We Love Audiology

Last year published a list of "The Best Jobs of 2015."  Being an Audiologist was rated second.  According to the site, audiologists "provide an invaluable service that benefits young and old alike."  We are not surprised.  At Sonus, we know that helping people hear better is the best job in the world.  Here's what some of our staff had to say when asked why they love being a hearing professional.

“I became an Audiologist because my Father had a significant hearing loss since he was in his 40’s.  I saw what a difference wear hearing instruments made in his life.  They kept him connected to his family, church and community.  Because he was a teacher, it was vital that he be able to understand his students as best as possible.  I was able to help my father with better and better devices over the years.  I am grateful that Audiology has given me the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives and I still continue to love to come to work each day because of this.” – Dr. Julie Khoury-Ghaffary

"I love that I can bring people together through more effective communication.” – Charity Herrera

“There are times when the light comes on in a patient’s face, and tears may be shed by them and their family members, just because the patient has not heard their family like this for a very long time.  It is these kinds of moments that happen every so often that makes me love my job as an audiologist” – Gary Shasky

There really is no greater joy to me than to be able to help people improve the quality of their lives.  I will never forget the first card I received from a patient.  She said she wanted to thank me because she was walking with her husband early in the morning and she heard the birds chirping.  That was the first time in years she was able to hear them.  This brought tears to my eyes.  Having hearing loss affects every aspect of a person’s life and many times their answer is to lock themselves away and stop doing the things that they used to love.  So when I can help them get back into their lives, it is an awesome feeling!  There are always challenges along the way, as there are in any career, but I am very happy to have a career in which the main focus is to help people live a more fulfilling life. – Kelle Davis