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Styles of Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Selection

Did you know there are many types of hearing aids available?

Hearing loss, after all, isn’t a one-size-fits-all issue, so why would there be a one-size-fits-all solution?

Hearing aid manufacturers know that individuals suffering from hearing loss have different types and degrees of hearing loss. Moreover, manufacturers also know that individuals have different preferences when it comes to their hearing aids: some people like to show them off while others prefer to have their hearing aids be more discrete. Some people like to their hearing aids to come with lots of bells and whistles while others require just the basics.

With so many options, how do you know which hearing aids are right for you? Luckily, an audiologist or hearing aid specialist or dispenser will help their patients find the right hearing aid. This process is typically done during the first appointment. Prior to your appointment, consider checking out the different types of hearing aids. With some prior research, a patient will often feel more confident when it comes to choosing the right hearing aid.

Types of hearing aids

There are two basic types of hearing aid styles: in the ear and behind the ear. In-the-ear styles are worn in the ear and are typically custom-fit from an impression made of the inside of the ear canal. In-the-ear hearing aids are more discreet than behind-the-ear devices. Behind the ear hearing aids sit, as the name implies, behind or on top of the outer ear. The devices include tubing that routes the sound down into the ear canal through a custom-fit earmold.

Within each style of hearing aid, there are many different options of device.

Types of in-the-ear hearing aids

Within the in-the-ear hearing aid category, individuals can choose from in-the-canal aids or low profile hearing aids. These hearing aids often offer more privacy, but are smaller and more difficult to handle when changing batteries.

Types of behind-the-ear hearing aids

Common types of behind-the-ear hearing aids include receiver in the ear, receiver in the canal and behind the ear with earmolds.

To decide the best hearing aid, make sure to talk with your audiologist or hearing healthcare provider about your needs and lifestyle, as well as your budget. Some hearing aids are more costly than others, limiting the type you might be able to afford.