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Is it Time to Upgrade your Hearing Device?

Is it Time to Upgrade your Hearing Device?

Do you wear your hearing device every day?

Does it meet all your hearing needs?

When you rely on a hearing device and use it daily, then it’s an essential part of your life. You can no more manage without it than leave your glasses at home when shortsighted. But it might be this is your first hearing device and initially you were skeptical about the benefits.

If this was the case then you might now have ‘outgrown’ your first device and are ready for an upgrade. Of course, this can mean a sizeable financial investment so you need to be certain of the added value.

Discover digital hearing aids

If your current aid is analog, then prepare to be wowed by digital devices. There are many differences, but the most important is the device’s ability to ‘clean up’ the sound. This is because the digital processing recognizes certain noise pollution (such as wind or feedback) and cancels them out. This makes for purer sound transmitted into your ear. Not only this, but digital technology can boost the signal volume without increased feedback or whistle. Sounds like a winner to most people!

Bluetooth connectivity and your hearing aid

Smartphones are part of everyday life, but if taking a call is something you dread, then it’s time to go digital. Most models are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, which enables you to take a call direct on your mobile but without having to put the phone to your ear to hear the caller. This makes for clearer calls without increased static.

This same connectivity also means you can connect to compatible TVs, radios or MP3 devices, for hands-free listening that is second to none.

Sophisticated soundscapes

Digital processing means it’s possible to program your device to ‘hear’ differently in various soundscapes. Thus you can ask the device to focus its ears on a speaker directly in front of you for one-to-one conversations. Or in a crowded restaurant, you can select a program that reduces distant noise and boosts those closest to you. The possibilities are exciting.

Better batteries

More digital aids have extended battery life, which means less risk of the power running low at inconvenient moments. Alternatively, rechargeable devices are available, where you mate the device to a docking station to power up overnight.

Further hearing aid features

From reliability to being waterproof, modern digital devices are available which greatly increase their usefulness. So for the keen sportsman, it’s now possible to wear a device that copes with perspiration or even immersion in a swimming pool.

And finally, yes a modern electronic hearing device is expensive, but think of the bigger picture. When it makes a substantial improvement to self-confidence and use it daily, don’t think of it as one large initial sum of money, but a price on a ‘pay per wear’ basis. Puts things in proportion, doesn’t it?