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How to Properly Care for Your Hearing Aids

How to Properly Care for Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids require regular care and maintenance to keep them in optimal shape. Like all technology, the more sophisticated and intricate, the more maintenance will be required. In addition to this, there are a number of preventive maintenance products on the market that can assist you in taking better care of your hearing aids.

  1. Dehumidifiers: Hearing aid dehumidifiers allow you to both maintain and store your hearing aid. The dehumidifier uses ultraviolet rays to dry and disinfect your hearing aid. The use of UV rays will kill 99 percent of bacteria, which reduces the chance of your ears itching or becoming infected.
  2. Drying and storage units: These units work not only for hearing aids, but also for other hearing restoration and augmentation devices including cochlear implant hardware and tinnitus maskers. The unit uses heat, air and a desiccant to capture moisture and remove it from hearing devices. These units require up to eight hours to clean the hearing aids and are best used overnight. When the drying process is completed, these products convert to a storage unit for your hearing equipment.
  3. Specialty sprays: These sprays help eradicate earwax, which can be a major problem for hearing aids. They can also prevent other hearing aid related issues such as skin irritation and eczema.
  4. Cleaning wipes: There are special hearing aid cleaning wipes that work just like the sprays to remove earwax and help keep hearing aids clean.
  5. Passive drying units: Passive drying units use a desiccant to rid the hearing aid of moisture. The additional benefit of these units is that they do not require a source of energy or use of chemicals.

Daily hearing aid care

In addition to utilizing the above products to help keep your hearing aids in tip-top shape, you should establish a daily care regimen as well. When you first receive your hearing aids, your audiologist should walk you through the steps to properly care for your hearing aids, but these are some general tips you can follow.

  • Examine your devices: After wearing your hearing aids during the day, remove the devices at night and carefully examine them. Look them over for any kind of cracks or damage – anything that looks abnormal.
  • Wipe your hearing aids: Once you’ve thoroughly checked your hearing aids for any kind of damage, you’ll want to wipe them clean with a dry cloth or specialty wipe. You want to make sure you remove any dirt, debris or earwax.
  • Utilize tools: In the event you have wax deeply embedded in your hearing aid, use the special tools provided by your audiologist to thoroughly clean your device. Most tools are equipped with a pick and brush, making it easy to remove any stray earwax from the tiny devices.
  • Store them: Once your hearing aids are inspected and clean, make sure to remove the batteries and leave the compartment open to better dry your devices overnight. Additionally, be sure to store them in a case or safe place (away from little hands or furry friends) while you’re not wearing them.

Hearing aids are an important piece to your overall wellbeing. Follow the above tips and invest in the right equipment to ensure they are working properly. In the event you struggle to keep your devices clean, follow-up with your audiologist to make sure you understand how to care for your hearing aids.