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How Much Do Hearing Aid Repairs Cost?

How Much Do Hearing Aid Repairs Cost?

People with hearing loss know the actual value of hearing aids. These tiny electronic devices completely change the way people live their lives. Hearing aids not only improve the way we hear the world around us, but also enhance our mental and physical wellbeing. Studies suggest that people hard of hearing that use hearing aids are less likely to develop mental conditions like dementia, and are also less likely to fall and cause bone damage in their old age.

With such enormous benefits brought about by hearing aids, it is not surprising that these gadgets are quite pricey. This is the reason that most people get very anxious when they see signs of damage in their hearing aids. The right thing to do if your hearing aids are damaged is to go see a hearing healthcare professional and get them repaired as soon as possible.

Cost of repair

Hearing aid repairs, like other services, vary across the board. The cost of repair will depend on a variety of factors, including where you live and how much damage is done to your hearing aids. Here are some factors that determine the cost of repair for your hearing aids.

  • Warranty – Many people that buy hearing aids from renowned manufacturers have some sort of warranty on them. Normally, this warranty may range from 1 year to 5 years, with some manufacturers even claiming warranty for over 10 years! If you’re one of the lucky people to receive warranty on your hearing aids, your cost of repair will definitely go down. There is a possibility that the damage to your hearing aids, or the malfunction, will be covered under the warranty.
    However, not all damages or breakages are covered under your hearing aid’s warranty policy. Normally, damage as a result of mishandling or negligence are not covered. Also, people that buy second-hand hearing aids may not have warranty. Similarly, hearing aids sold over the internet may also not have warranty.
  • Level of damage – This is another obvious factor. The amount of damage done to your hearing aids will determine the amount of effort or money that goes into fixing them. If your hearing aids just have a disconnected wire, or maybe a worn out tube, the cost of repair will be much lesser than if your hearing aid is broken into two parts or was accidently dropped in water which led to a short circuit.
    While only a hearing aid professional can tell you the exact cost of repair for your hearing aids, you can somewhat estimate what the final bill will be depending on the damage.
  • Cost of replacement parts – Your hearing aid is made up of lots of tiny electronic components that come together to provide a specific function. The cost of repair will greatly depend on which of these parts is broken. The cost of replacing a wax filter will of course be a lot less than the cost of replacing the hearing input component of your hearing aid, for example.

If your hearing aid isn’t working properly, consult with your audiologist to determine if your hearing aid requires any repairs and what can be done!