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Almost everybody has been talking about hearing and hearing technology this year! Forbes, the New York Times, TechRadar, PSFK, and Inc. Magazine are just a few publications that have taken an interest in hearing loss and hearing aids.  They're reaching out to people with hearing loss and hearing aids and, in turn, providing greater awareness for (and better understanding of) the impact hearing loss and hearing aids can have.  A recent example is this great piece by Prevention Magazine, where nine women share what it's like to live with hearing loss. (

Hearable technology also continued to take over the digital marketplace, and as it does, the perception of hearing aids is changing. And, Starkey's Halo 2 Made for iPhone hearing aids are leading the way! Mother Nature Network's Lloyd Alter recently wrote about them in his article, "Newest hearables will change the way people think about hearing aids." He wrote: "Right now, only a small fraction of the people who need hearing aids get them... people think they make them look old. But once people start realizing that they do so much more than just help you hear, I suspect that stigma will disappear. People will think they look wired and connected... now, even when I'm alone in my home office and don't need to wear them for hearing, I'm putting the Halo 2's on because they have become my default link to the audible internet. They're not a stigma to me; they're a super power."