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Caring for Hearing Aids While You Travel

Caring for Hearing Aids While You Travel

Just because you take a break from work or school doesn’t mean you can take a break from caring for your hearing aids. Make sure you hear every moment of your trip; take a few minutes to clean your hearing aids in the hotel room each night. Just take one of those fluffy white towels and lay it on the countertop as you work. This will cushion any fall your hearing aid parts might take while you clean. If you don’t do this at home, you should.

Clean the shell

Start your cleaning with the shell. That’s the surface of the hearing aid. Sweat and shed skin can build up and may make it fit poorly. Take particular care to clean the shell daily if you are playing tennis or golf on your trip. The more active you are, the more debris you create.

Don’t be tempted to use makeup remover or any other cleanser. A soft cloth or washcloth is perfect. You can also use the hotel provided tissue to wipe down the shell. It’s not as effective as a cloth but it is better than not cleaning at all. If wiping doesn’t do the job, take a drop of water on the clean washcloth and wipe it down again.

Clean the receiver

The receiver never takes a vacation. It collects wax so it must be cleaned every day, even during vacation. Be sure to pack the wax pick that came with your hearing aid. Gently scoop the wax out of the receiver and then repeat until the receiver is clean. Just like you do at home.

Clean the microphone

Along with the wax pick, be sure to pack the cleaning brush to sweep away debris from the microphone. It might be tempting to try to do double duty with your makeup brush. Resist the temptation. You will only make a mess of the microphone and the beauty brush. By the way, whether you are at home or away, always clean the microphone while it is facing down. Use gravity to help debris fall out.

Pack wax guards and wipe hearing aids

If you produce copious amounts of wax, you know that nightly cleaning is necessary. You also know that it is time consuming. Spend more time enjoying your vacation and less time cleaning your hearing aids. Pack wax guards, filters and hearing-aid approved sanitizing wipes. The wax guards and filters will help keep your hearing aids clean and the disinfecting wipes will make cleaning much easier. You may find that these accessories are must haves when you are at home as well as on the road.

Talk with your audiologist

If you’ve never traveled with your hearing aids before, don’t hesitate to contact your audiologist regarding tips or tricks for daily maintenance. The last thing you want while enjoying a break is to do any damage to your hearing aids, so plan ahead and talk with your audiologist about proper care techniques.