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Are Extended Warranties For Hearing Aids Worth the Money?  

Are Extended Warranties For Hearing Aids Worth the Money?  

A hearing aid can be a significant investment when it comes to your health and way of life. Some hearing aids can be costly as well and it makes sense for you to want to protect your investment. Of course, your device comes with a normal warranty, but for some people purchasing an extended warranty or a service plan may be more beneficial.   

Should you buy an extended hearing aid warranty?

Like most electronics, hearing aids come with a warranty that covers average use and defects. Some warranties may even cover the cost of replacement, depending on the type of hearing aid you have. However, if the manufacturer’s warranty runs out you may be left high and dry. The good news is that there are options for you if you want to protect your hearing aid beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. These options come in the form of an extended warranty or extended service.  

The ins and outs of extended warranties

Extended warranties are an after-market solution to help protect your device. They extend coverage past the normal manufacturer’s warranty and may even cover loss of the device. Of course, you may think that no harm will come to your hearing aid since you take care of your things, right? But accidents happen so extended warranties may be helpful even if you think you may never use one.  

If you are interested in protecting your hearing aid with an extended protection plan or warranty, discuss your concerns with your physician first. Your audiologist may have options for you that suit you better than another after-market service. Always be sure to get a policy that is covered by an actual insurance company so that you know you’re protected.  

If you’re still not sure or convinced that an extended warranty is right for you, you may want to crunch the numbers. For example, an average person will spend money on a hearing aid at a time when his income is fixed and may also experience challenges when it comes to expenses. Consider that a hearing aid may cost up to $4,000 and then consider the cost of repair. When you think of an extended warranty in these terms, it makes sense to have one for your hearing aid. It is a way to protect your investment and protect an item that enables you to function properly  

Is it money well spent?

According to us, an extended warranty is money well spent for the average patient. The reason being is that it protects an investment that has the potential to cost the user even more if it is damaged. Also, going without a hearing aid is not an option if you want to remain functional in your daily life. You can always choose an extended warranty that fits your budget (there are many options out there). Be sure to discuss them with your hearing care professional and do your research.