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4 Tips for Traveling with Hearing Aids


If you are traveling, then it is very wise to take good care of your hearing aids. This is because you do not want your hearing aids to become damaged or lost during the course of your journey. That would be extremely inconvenient and could significantly hamper your trip. It can also be very difficult to get your hearing aids fixed or replaced while you were on the road.

Here are some great tips for taking care of your hearing aids while you travel.

1. Bring necessary items

There are many items that it is a good idea to bring with you on your trip in order to best take care of your hearing aids. For example, you should bring extra batteries, your charger, your cleaning equipment, a case for carrying your hearing aids and any other equipment or items that are necessary. It is far easier to be organized and plan ahead then it is to try to find items you need during your trip.

2. Consider bringing a dehumidifier

If you were going to in areas that has a high degree of humidity, then you should consider bringing a dehumidifier with you. The reason is because a dehumidifier can help to remove any excess humidity that gets trapped inside of your hearing aids. While you are using is the dehumidifier, you can open your hearing aid battery doors to help the process. Removing excess humidity can help to keep your hearing aids in optimal working condition.

3. Keep your hearing aids away from liquids

While you were traveling, you may have bottles of water, juice boxes, sunscreen or other liquids in your bag. If you plan to store your hearing aids in your bag, then make sure that you keep them in their own container which is separated from the liquids. Liquids can be highly damaging to hearing aids so you want to make sure that your hearing aids never come into direct contact with them.

4. Bring backup hearing aids

If you have any old hearing aids that still work, then it is a good idea to bring them as backups while you travel. This is because you never know what might happen to your hearing aids on your travels and you don’t want to get caught without having any that you can use.

If you’re still hesitant about traveling with hearing aids, or aren’t sure what to bring to be prepared, contact your audiologist and discuss any concerns or questions you might have that will make your trip easier.