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4 Things to Expect During a Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing Aid Fitting

While there are numerous resources online to tell you what to expect on your hearing aid fitting appointment, none can completely prepare you for what’s to follow. This is because a hearing aid fitting is an experience unique to each person. Research proves that our brains work differently and how we perceive the world around us is distinctive too. Therefore, one person’s experience with hearing aid fitting can never be replicated on another. However, there are a few things that you would find beneficial to know before your “big day” – well, as far as your hearing loss treatment is concerned, anyway.

1. It’s a long process

In case you were expecting to see an audiologist and come back with brand new hearing aids in a snap, you’re in for a surprise. The hearing aid fitting is not an instant process and a lot of deliberation, discussion, evaluation and programming goes behind it. Before your audiologist can fit you with hearing aids, they will need to perform a needs assessment for you, not to mention numerous hearing tests.

2. You don’t get all the say

Many people go into their audiologist or hearing aid dispenser’s office thinking they have their mind made up about what kind of hearing aids they want, only to discover that they don’t get to have all the say. While it’s true that your audiologist will take into account your preferences, expectations and lifestyle needs, the final selection is impacted by your hearing test results, which show the kind and degree of hearing loss you have. For better or for worse, your audiologist will consider these test results along with your opinion before helping you select your device.

3. It’s not like the real thing

One of the sad realizations of getting your hearing aids fitted is that despite modern technology and advancement in hearing aid manufacturing and programming, the hearing experience with hearing aid is not the same as the natural process. A lot of sounds will seem mechanical and even your own voice will sound strange. Don’t let this discourage you. Instead, focus on the numerous psychological, social and emotional benefits of continuing to use hearing aids.

4. It will take time

Adjusting to newly fitted hearing aids is a time-consuming process. Things will seem too loud or too much to handle initially, but your brain will gradually learn to process and organize useful information and ignore useless input. The trick is to wear your new hearing aids for increased periods each passing day till you can wear them comfortably the whole time.