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4 Questions to Ask Your Audiologist

Audiology Appointment

If you’re concerned about your hearing, then an audiologist is the best hearing health provider to visit for the answers you need. They will have plenty of questions of their own about your medical history, lifestyle, symptoms and much more. But they can also answer questions of your own, and it’s a good idea to ask them if you want to know as much about the process and your condition as possible. Here, we’re going to look at some of the questions your audiologist would be happy to hear you ask.

What can you tell me about the services you provide?

Your hearing healthcare specialists will be more than happy to answer questions about the specifics of the services they offer. This includes not only what tests they offer, but also things like their hours of operation, costs, where they’re located and more. They want to make sure that every patient is choosing the specialist they can rely on so that they’re not wasting your time if you later find out they might not be the right specialist for you. Furthermore, an audiologist can run you through the process of testing, including the questions they need to ask, the visual examination, and which kinds of tests they might use.

What are you qualified to do?

Audiologists are a specific kind of hearing health specialist, but it’s a field of different kinds of professionals offering different services. Audiologists, for instance, are fully trained in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of hearing and balance conditions. They also help in the selection of hearing aids, the fitting and any necessary repairs. An audiologist is your go-to professional for auditory issues.

How should I look after my ears?

As the most qualified of experts in hearing and balance conditions, audiologists are full of helpful information on how to help you protect your hearing, especially if you already suffer from hearing loss. They can also provide support for things like how to better communicate with family members and friends, and other services you might be in need of.

What are my hearing aid options?

Providing that hearing loss is physical, related to age or noise, and not caused by something else, hearing aids might be the best option for you. If that’s the case, your audiologist can provide a lot of information on which might be the best suited to you or whether you need a hearing equipment specialist. Furthermore, they can provide plenty of information on how hearing aids work, how to operate them, and how to care for them. Your audiologist will also have some you can try out to see if they help.

Audiologists provide tests to help you better understand your hearing health. But they are experts in everything to do with hearing care, so don’t be afraid to ask the questions above or any others that might be on your mind. Helping you with your hearing health journey is an audiologist’s first priority.