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What to Ask

Once you’ve had a comprehensive hearing screening performed by one of our licensed professionals, we will discuss treatment options and solutions for your hearing loss.

Hearing aids are the most common solution for hearing loss and allow patients to not only hear better, but to improve the overall quality of their lives as well!

Whether you’re buying your first pair of hearing aids or have decided to update your old set, consider asking some of the following questions to help understand what hearing device is best for you:

  • When was the last time my hearing was evaluated?
  • Are there new advancements in hearing technology that could benefit me?
  • Is there a trial period so I can test my new hearing aids out?
  • Is there a warranty and what does it cover?
  • Is maintenance covered with my hearing aids?
  • What happens if my hearing aids need repairs?
  • Can your office help me with program settings or adjustments?
  • Will I be instructed how to use my hearing aids?

These are some great questions to help start your conversation with your hearing care professional. Make sure to jot down any other questions or concerns you may want to go over when it’s time to pick out your new hearing device!