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Patient Testimonials

It took 7 years before I could finally hear clearly again. Living on my own before, I had a hard time seeking help to get my hearing tested. Now that I live with my son and daughter in law, I finally got the help that I needed. They recommended Sonus for my hearing aids. I could not be any happier. My daughter also got test for her hearing and she also uses Sonus hearing aids.

Catherine Alacrito (1/16/18)

The team at Sonus has given me a huge part of my life back. I’ve struggled with my hearing for far too long and having my hearing back has helped me make sense of things I have missed. Thank you for all of your help Lesley and Wendy.

Christopher Donez (1/22/18)

Dr. Julie and staff have provided excellent follow up services. They are patient, prompt, professional, and really took care of me!

Michael Parker

Thank you for the excellent service! I appreciate the information regarding the choices of settings, especially to accommodate music that is close by. When there is an occasional need for repair, the office staff gets it done quickly. The end result is better communication with family, friends, and my piano students.

Juanita Moe (9/18/17)

Everybody was great and I can hear again!

Randall VanDeRiut (9/19/17

I’m very happy with the help I have been given through Sonus. I’ve felt very good with the attention I have received. Thank you.

Eva Guerrero (9/22/17)

Friendly office, great service, most helpful.

Anonymous (9/18/17)

I am glad to bring my mom here. She is hearing a lot better. I am very thankful to the staff for being so understanding as my mom had a lot of complaints about her ears. They were very patient with my mom. Thank you a lot. Good wisdom from everyone

Leena Parikh (10/31/17)

I appreciate so much the fine care and excellent way Dr. Julie helps my hearing. I feel very secure that the guidance was one of the most important and satisfying help and support I could find. Because of Dr. Julie I don’t miss a thing. I can hear everything.

Mickey Waylard (10/31/17)
I took my Father-in-law to Sonus a couple of times and the staff was so nice, they helped us from beginning until the end. He enjoys wearing his hearing aids it make him happy and it makes me happy to see him hear again. Thank you Sonus for helping him.ASATUI T.
Wonderful place, wonderful professionals! If you have hearing difficulty - definitely go to Sonus.MICHELLE M.
A great experience with professionals that care. I brought my mom to see them and they were patient with us and answered all of our questions. I would absolutely recommend Sonus to anyone looking for hearing help.LORI W.