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Hearing Aid Evaluation

Want to feel better and improve your health?  Start by focusing on the things that bring you happiness. Scientific evidence suggests that positive emotions can help make life longer and healthier.  Better communication with your family, friends and colleagues definitely falls into this category of creating positive emotions.


A Comprehensive Diagnostic Audiological Evaluation is performed by an Audiologist for the purpose of determining the nature and extent of hearing acuity.  As a result of the hearing evaluation, proper diagnosis can be made and utilized in deciding the most appropriate course of action for managing you and your family member’s hearing concerns.  Once treatable medical problems are ruled out, your Sonus Hearing Care Professional will complete a “Communication Assessment”.   A Communication Assessment will discover the practical abilities and needs of the individual patient.

Preparing patients for new beginnings

Recommendations then be will be made to fulfill your wishes of better speech clarity and ease of listening when you are with your family or friends.  If one of our professionals suggests a hearing aid to treat your hearing loss, the next step will be to review what option would be most advantageous for your needs and your lifestyle. There are so many new fantastic devices to improve speech clarity; you need a professional to guide you to what would be best for you.

Robyn Cox, Ph.D. and colleagues published research that shows the professional you work with has more importance over the outcomes of your success, than the device itself.  Our professionals use best practices which include testing of speech understanding in noise, along with verifying and validating the hearing instruments are working and performing at an optimum level.  It is very important that your Sonus Hearing Care Professional guides you through each step.  

Understanding and adjusting to your technology

Our professionals will work with you on how to best adjust to your new devices and how to handle hearing all the small sounds you may have been missing out on. After your initial hearing aid delivery, your audiologist will schedule a follow-up visits to check in with you on how you’re adjusting to your hearing aids and if any fine-tuning needs to be completed. These appointments will be easy and helpful for you to make sure your device is functioning optimally for your hearing needs and lifestyle.  Hearing instruments are highly advanced pieces of technology, so our professionals will always give you details about the warranty, and troubleshooting tips.