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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Sonus Hearing Care Professionals covers everything from diagnostic hearing evaluations to selecting, fitting and repairing hearing aids. Because our professionals are dedicated to helping you improve both your hearing health and your quality of life, we’re excited to offer the following comprehensive services:  

Tests and Evaluations

A hearing evaluation is the foundation of what we do. Our professionals map your unique hearing thresholds on a chart known as an audiogram.  If a hearing loss is detected, we utilize this audiogram to recommend the best course of action with a simple goal in mind: improve your hearing health and address your communication needs.

Research has shown that improved hearing is associated with better cognition, reduction of stress and fatigue, improved personal relationships, increased earning potential, better balance, and decreased likelihood of falling.  People who treat their hearing loss report feeling more engaged in their personal life and are more likely to have a strong social network than peers with untreated hearing loss.  Because hearing loss can happen gradually we recommend an annual hearing screening for all adults over 50.  

Your hearing care professional may perform one or more of the following tests:  

Hearing Aids and Accessories

Sonus Hearing Care Professionals offers an unbiased approach to hearing aids.  We work with most major manufacturers in the hearing aid industry - Starkey, ReSound, Phonak, and Siemens, just to name a few.  With access to top technology and a wide variety of solutions we can help you select the hearing instrument that is best for you.  We not only evaluate your hearing but assess your communication needs and lifestyle to give you a personalized recommendation.

We also offer up to a 3 year manufacturer warranty and 3 years of in-office service to keep your hearing aid working optimally.  If your hearing aid should require major repair, ask your hearing care professional if a loaner device would be right for you.  We can get you back to hearing as best as possible with little downtime. 

Additionally, we offer assistive listening devices and accessories designed to complement hearing aid use.  Both wireless (Bluetooth) and wired options are available, depending on your needs.  Improved hearing for the phone, television, groups and meetings may be as simple as pressing a button on your hearing aid or using a free amplified phone.  Your hearing care professional can advise you what assistive listening devices would best suit your needs and/or what devices are compatible with hearing aids.

Available in this group:

Education and Training

Sonus Hearing Care Professionals is committed to educating our patients on hearing health and new hearing technology.  Better hearing starts with hearing loss prevention and annual screenings, and can be further improved with our personalized recommendation for hearing aids or assistive listening devices.  Technology is our friend - and we aim to make things simple, effective, and easy to understand.